Profile and Cover Photo

1. Your Profile Photo: You can upload your own profile photo by clicking on the options button and then clicking on Upload, located under the Profile Photo selection.

2. Your Cover Photo: Your cover photo is a place where you can upload your own banner. Under the Cover Photo click on upload to install your own custom banner. Your banner size range is 945 x 245.

Hello! Text Box

3. Hello! Text Box: You can use the text box to add your biographical information, add photos and other information that you would like fellow members know about you. If you click on the 'HTML' icon in the toolbar, you can even add a video or a slideshow.

Use the text box to tell us more about yourself, but please don't post product videos or photos of products, we really want to know about YOU as an artist.

iPad and iPhone

If you have an iPad or iPhone, some of the tools in our toolbar might not appear on your device. There is a whole long story about why Mac and Adobe don't get along making it so that these two platforms don't work together. Since Artful Gathering websites run on Adobe flash you really gotta have a compatible browser.

Please try installing Puffinbrowser so you can use all the wonderful features of our website. It works on our own ipads, so we are pretty confident it may work on yours too.